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Critical Process Died Windows 10

Depict the features of windows 10 to improve user experience

Microsoft is constantly releasing its operating system with the additional features in addition to the facilities that are available in the previous version of windows. Now the recently it has released the windows 10 to the usage of people.  It has dragged the attention of the people who are writing reviews about   software. And reviews on it are released by them increasingly with the pros and cons. Though cons are written by the reviewers, pros are many when compared to the cons. Let us focus on various aspects of Windows 10 Home Premium in this article.

Critical Process Died Windows 10

Upgrade of Windows 10

The answer to this question can be start with the appearance of the windows operating system. In order to clearly understand it; we need to know about the appearance of windows 7 and the windows 8 and its successor 8.1. In windows 7, a start button will be available in order to access the other programs that are installed in the system. And when you click the start button an array of items will be listed out by drop up menu. Within that drop up menu we need to select the required program and it will start to load once we click them from the list. In windows 8, the start button will not be seen. The entire appearance of the screen had given a change over from the windows 7. A screen with tiles will be appeared when you get into the windows by entering the password and we have known how to fix Critical Process Died Windows 10.

Each tile consists of the installed software access point. On clicking those tiles we can easily load the software program that we need.  And the look of the screen has attracted most of the users but the elimination of the start button was not welcomed by the people. And it was somewhat been a hurdle to access the programs easily. Hence in order to resolve this problem, in windows 10, Microsoft has combined the screen facilities of both window 7 and 8. So, windows 10 consist of start button along with the tile screen. And changes has also made in password settings. The loading time of windows 10 has tremendously decreased and made into a very shorter period of loading time. And also the working speed of the operating system of windows 10 has given a very effective result when compared to the previous version. The cloud storage is also built in the newer version and this helps the people to store their data directly from the system without the need of installing the third party software and moreover the cloud storage one drive is offered by the Microsoft.